Discover exquisite custom medals from Platinum Platen, the premier digital printing press and corporate gifts supplier, designed to honor achievements with elegance and distinction.


Celebrate success and recognize accomplishments with custom medals from Platinum Platen. Our medals are meticulously crafted using premium materials and personalized designs to commemorate achievements, milestones, and special occasions in a meaningful and memorable way. Whether you need custom medals for sports events, academic achievements, corporate awards, or commemorative purposes, our expertly designed medals are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Use Cases:

  1. Sports Events: Award custom medals to winners, participants, and volunteers at athletic competitions, tournaments, or charity runs to acknowledge their achievements and contributions.
  2. Academic Achievements: Recognize academic excellence, student leadership, or graduation milestones with custom medals for schools, colleges, universities, or educational organizations.
  3. Corporate Awards: Honor employees, executives, or partners for outstanding performance, years of service, or special contributions with custom medals as part of corporate recognition programs or award ceremonies.
  4. Special Events: Commemorate special events, anniversaries, or historical milestones with custom-designed medals that capture the significance and spirit of the occasion.
  5. Charity and Fundraising: Present custom medals as tokens of appreciation or incentives for donors, sponsors, or participants in charity events, fundraising campaigns, or community initiatives.

Benefits Platinum Platen Customised Medals:

  • Custom Design: Personalize each medal with custom artwork, logos, text, or engraving to reflect the unique achievements and recipients.
  • Premium Materials: Choose from high-quality metals, finishes, and ribbon options to create medals that exude elegance and prestige.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Each medal is expertly crafted with attention to detail and precision to ensure superior quality and durability.
  • Meaningful Recognition: Provide recipients with a tangible symbol of their accomplishments and contributions, fostering a sense of pride and motivation.

Contact Platinum Platen today to discuss your custom medal needs and place your order. Special discounts and delivery packages are available for bulk orders and wholesale purchases.


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