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  • acrylic signage

    Acrylic signage

    Make a strong statement with durable and sleek acrylic signage from Platinum Platen LTD.

  • backdrop stand

    Backdrop stand

    Elevate your event with Platinum Platen LTD’s high-quality and customizable backdrop stands, perfect for any occasion.

  • dangler


    Attract your customers’ attention with our versatile danglers from Platinum Platen LTD.

  • Display


    Enhance your visual merchandising with high-quality and versatile displays from Platinum Platen LTD.

  • floor graphics

    Floor graphics

    Transform your floors into a marketing tool with durable and high-quality floor graphics from Platinum Platen LTD.

  • pullup stand

    Pullup stand

    Platinum Platen LTD offers Pullup stand printing and sales services. Pullup stands are retractable banners that can be easily pulled up from the base and secured in place, making them a convenient and portable advertising solution for events, trade shows, and conferences. Custom designs can be created for Pullup stands, making them a unique and…

  • wall art

    Wall art

    High-quality and durable wall arts in a range of materials and sizes from Platinum Platen LTD, perfect for transforming any space into a work of art

  • wobbler


    Get your eye-catching and versatile wobblers from Platinum Platen LTD for promoting your products and services.